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Celebration of Women’s Day- Do we really deserve to celebrate?

Category : All, Voices · by Mar 8th, 2015

On 8th March every year we celebrate women’s day. We wish our colleagues, share some facebook posts, tweet a message & its over.

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Happy Women’s Day

“The real aim behind the celebration of this day was to abolish crimes against women from all over the world. To provide them equal opportunities, to give them respect they deserve.”

This day is not only about sharing facebook posts, writing an article or sharing some famous quotations.

As humans on this day we must analyze that is the aim of International Women’s Day has really been achieved, do we really deserve to celebrate it on the global mark?

As a society our issue in one line is “What any reservation, program, crores of expenditure will give if this evil is injected into us since when we born”

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Stop Crime against Women

Roots of crime against women got so deepen that we even can’t found out the way to uproot it. Lots of programs, measures, lakhs of laws everything at every corner of the world has been tried so far to achieve this aim. But what is the outcome?

At present its time to realize that what we really need to change? Here are some burning questions which we must ask to ourselves-

  • If a girl can’t go to school for basic education then what will be the reservation quota in higher education will do?
  • If a girl is not able to write her name then how will she understand the law made for her?
  • We pay respect to idols in temples but what about the girl walking across the street?

The list of such unanswerable questions is infinite. But it clearly gives an idea what everyone from everywhere on the globe needs to think i.e.-

Isn’t this seed been sown when a girl child is born? Are not we gave water to his social evil in our daily lifestyle? Are not we nourishing this tree which gives fruits of rapes, molestation, and harassment?

One most concerning point is not about solution, it is do we really want a solution?

If yes then as a human being we must realize that it is not only the responsibility of Government or Women & Social welfare departments, it is our responsibility?

It is us who needs to be aware, who needs to abolish this mindset from our coming generations & raise awareness among present….we have to act like that there will be no need of reservations for women, no need of campaigns……..after all they are equal to men.

Happy Women’s Day!!!

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T. Lakshmi
8 years ago · Reply

well written message !! keep d gud work going …………

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