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The Chronology of India on a Single page

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Prehistoric Period: ca. 3000-1200 BC

ca. 3000-2600: Indus Valley civilization: Harappan civilization

  • 2600-2500: Harappan Civilization at its height
  • 2000-1900: Harappan Civilization collapses
  • c. 1300: Aryans migrate into the Indus Valley
  • c. 1000: Aryans migrate into Ganges Valley

ca. 1200-500 BC: Vedic Era

  • ca. 1200-900: Rig-Veda
  • ca. 900-500: Later Vedas and early Upanishads

ca. 550-100 BC: Rivals to Hinduism

  • ca 550: Birth of Mahavira
  • ca. 563-483: Siddhartha Gautama ,Buddhism Chronology

ca. 322-185 BC: Mauryan Empire

  • 321-297 BC: Chandragupta Maurya
  • ca. 273-237: Asoka
  • ca. 185-100: The Laws of Manu

ca. AD 320-540: Gupta Era

  • ca. 320-335: Chandragupta I
  • ca. 335-376: Samudragupta
  • ca. 376-415: Chandragupta II
  • ca. 454-500: Hun Invasions
  • ca. 540: End of Gupta Dynasty

ca. AD 500-1001: Period of Political instability

  • ca. 540: Rise of Chalukyas at Vatapi
  • ca. 606-646: Harsha of Kanauj
  • ca. 700-800: Buddhism spreads to Tibet and Nepal
  • 711: Arabs invade Sind
  • ca. 750: Rise of imperial Pratiharas and Rashtrakutas
  • 760: Palas in Bengal
  • ca. 846: Rise of Cholas and defeat of Pallavis
  • ca. 970: Revival of Chalukyas and defeat of Rashtrakutas

1000-1750: Period of Muslim dominance

  • 1001: Raids by Mahmud of Ghanzi
  • 1206-1290: Slave Dynasty and Beginning of Delhi Sultanate
  • 1290-1320: Khalji Sultanate
  • 1320-1413: Tughlug Sultanate
  • 1414-1451: Sayyid Sultanate
  • 1451-1526: Lodi Sultanate
  • 1498: Vasco da Gama arrives in India

1483-1757: The Mughal Empire

  • 1502: Portuguese establish colony at Cochin
  • 1526-1530: Reign of Babur
  • 1556-1605: Reign of Akbar
  • 1600: British East India Company is chartered
  • 1605-1627: Reign of Jahangir
  • 1628-1658: Reign of Shah Jahan
  • 1658-1707: Reign of Aurangzeb
  • 1744-1748: War between French and British

1750-1947: India under British Rule

  • 1857: Indian (Sepoy) Mutiny
  • 1885: First Meeting of the Indian National Congress.
  • 1921: First Meeting of the Indian Parliament.
  • 1930: Gandhi leads the Salt March against British rule.
  • 1932: Indian National Congress is declared illegal; Gandhi is arrested.

1947-present: The Indian Republic

  • 1947: The British colony of India achieves independence and is divided into India and Pakistan.
  • 1949: Indian constitution is adopted
  • 1998:  India became the world’s sixth nuclear power
  • 2000: Onwards : Is on the path of becoming  the superpower
    To be continued..

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