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Digital Marketing – The Ideal Insight for your Business

Category : All, Tech-Digital · by Jul 22nd, 2015

Digital marketing is an impulsive, erratic, and volatile industry. The moment you catch the tiger by the tail, there’s a new tiger whose fugacious tail requires catching

Thankfully, there is an in between — a balance. If you can identify current trends, settle on an actionable strategy, and take measurable movement forward, you’re bound to succeed. we have identified 8 such Building block that you should keep in mind over the next few months, if not the next few years of digital marketing.

Stay social, Digital Marketing, Khichdi, Tech-Digital

There is no doubt that digital is the new big thing. Everyone has access to information so it’s very important to make it available in the best and easiest form. Ensure you are running faster every day

Be genuine and honest, Digital Marketing, Khichdi, Tech-Digital

Don’t try to present a fake bubble as it would burst sometime or the other. Be real and presentable so that you can build a strong, positive brand value. Keep fans regularly informed about your achievements and victories.

Treat followers and fans like people, not numbers, Digital Marketing, Khichdi, Tech-Digital



Every fan/follower is unique and connects with you for different objectives. Treat them as unique and serve them well. Every satisfied and happy follower is worth millions and can act as a source for word of mouth advertising!

Never avoid criticism. Deal with hyper informed users, Digital Marketing, Khichdi, Tech-Digital

One disadvantage of social media is that negative feedback travels at far greater speeds than the positive. Don’t avoid if some of your stakeholders are pushing negative reviews or opinions. Deal with them by politely answering not just the critic but all the others reading.

Create a positive brand, Deal with hyper informed users, Digital Marketing, Khichdi, Tech-Digital

If your stakeholders (students, staff, parents, partners etc) don’t appreciate and recommend you, the social pathway would be very difficult. Their mentions, likes, retweets will create the positive air for you

Be ready to adapt,  Deal with hyper informed users, Digital Marketing, Khichdi, Tech-Digital

Never hesitate to move to the next new shiny thing. Technology is changing very fast, and many new channels would emerge, and collapse as well. Build an across-platform presence where ever your audience is

Be the jack of all trades, eal with hyper informed users, Digital Marketing, Khichdi, Tech-Digital

In this age, building expertise just over one platform may not help. On social media, the audience is scattered as per their taste on multiple channels. Be there for them with platform-wise social media strategy

Engage, Interact, Grow, Digital Marketing, Khichdi, Tech-Digital

Generating likes, fans and followers through promotion or other means will not be of much help if engagement is missing. Interact with the community, regularly. Deliver them value for their effort in following your brand

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