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Guilin || China – Weirdly Beautiful Places # 2

Category : All, Destinations · by Jan 20th, 2015

Guilin, a city in southern China, is legendary among Chinese tourists for its scenic beauty. Surrounded by two rivers, four lakes, and limestone mountains and karst formations, Guilin is one of the cleaner cities in the country, largely thanks to tourism.

Guilin, China - Weirdly Beautiful Places # 2

Guilin || China : Weirdly Beautiful Places

Key sites to visit include Seven Star Park, which features a small zoo that’s home to giant pandas and red pandas, the Reed Flute Cave, where stalactite and stalagmite formations seem to defy physics; and the Jingjiang Princes’ City, an elegant ‘inner city’ complex that used to be the official residence of Ming Dynasty princes.

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Lijiang River – Guilin || China

And don’t forget about food—mifen rice noodles, fatty pork layered in taro, and regional chili sauces are well-loved in this city. With cheap eats and many free activities to fill your days, from light shows and night markets to scenic walks around the lakes, Guilin is a wonderful place for budget travelers

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Nitesh Roy
7 years ago · Reply

Amazing place to be there, never thot China will b that much beautiful…..

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