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“Dear Globe We are not a Nation of Rapists”

Category : All, Voices · by Mar 10th, 2015

Rape or any crime against women is a crime against humanity & we all whole heartedly condemn it & pledge to fought against it to save humanity but

Is this crime exist only in India, do only Indian women are facing this?


Let’s have a journey of India from eye of an Indian women.

From past

  • Our’s nation is the first nation to give equal rights to women since independence unlike other nations where women had to struggle a lot. We don’t have any special struggle for our Right to Vote. We fought shoulder to shoulder for freedom struggle of whole country with our men.
  • We have Rani Lakshmi Bai, Begum Hazrat Mahal and many more who not only ran their constituency after death of their husbands but also fought for maintaining the freedom of their countrymen. And this is a never ending list from our past.

Lets move to our Present

Our nation is not only one nation fighting against rape, molestation, harassment of women in the society which may be clearer from the following data (Source: Times of India)

UN Crime Trends Survey 2010, the US recorded 85,593 cases of rape in that year followed by Brazil with 41,180 rape cases. A total of 22,172 rape cases were registered in India in 2010.

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Source: United Nations

The UN data (rape cases reported per lakh population): 

US- 27.3 ,Brazil- 21.09, India- 1.8, United Kingdom- 28.8, Mexico- 13.2, France- 16.2 cases of rape in per lakh population. There were 7,724 cases of rape in Germany, 5,960 cases of rape in Sweden, 4,907 cases of rape in Russian Federation, 4,718 cases of rape in Philippines and 3,157 cases of rape in Colombia.

Currently we have women entrepreneurs rising to the level of most distinguished women in the world, we have most powerful figures in our parliament itself, in civil services & a number of NGO’s, societies, self-help groups are running by women only. It’s their father, brothers & husbands who motivate them & prepare them for struggle.

Further we also want to share that our 70% activists are male members who fought against this heinous crime.


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We Together Fight Against Rape

From the part of our government to strengthen women we have more than 5 central level schemes, a dedicated ministry for Women at central & separate departments at each state level. Our Minister of External Affairs, Minister of Women & Child Welfare department as well as Minister of Human Resource Department are women itself. We have 50% reservation of women in Panchayati Raj Institutions (Head to run Cluster of Villages).

But except all these & a lot more achievements we became famous for rape. That’s not because only India is facing this crime that’s because we don’t hide our loopholes & have courage to accept our shortcomings. We as women of India just want to say there are loopholes in every society but we are different because we came out, show courage, fight against such evil infront of everyone.

Yes we are fighting against this evil & we still have a long way to go but We Are Not a Nation of Rapists


As a human being our only appeal is –

“As each & every country is facing this evil in one or other way, so instead of generalizing, we must hold each other’s hand & stand together towards a peaceful & beautiful society”

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