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Young, Educated & Unemployed | the Potential of India’s Youth

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Skilled India as Catalyst for Make in India

India having the World’s youngest Workforce with a median age far below that of China and the industrialized member countries .According to the latest census , there are approximately 550 million youth including adolescents in India.

the Potential of India’s Youth  | Young India, NSDC STAR Scheme 2, Skill India Mission, Skill Development youth

the Potential of India’s Youth | The Youngistan

India can yield rich dividends( high economic growth rate, increases national GDP) by leveraging its young labour force which is stagnating especially in rural areas due to lack of skills. This can chiefly be attributed to the negligence on the skill development front.

The Curse Of Being Young & Unemployed , Unemployement, Youth , NSDC , Trades, Training, Jobs,

The Curse Of Being Young & Unemployed

The ASSOCHAM paper recently published that nearly 300 million people of the age group 18-50 are rendered jobless just because they do not have any employability skills while on the other hand,the country is witnessing an acute scarcity of skilled manpower in the manufacturing, service and agricultural sectors which is draining the economy of several crores an year.

Skilled India | The Catalyst of the 'Make in India', Skilled india, Skilled youth, Skilling , NSDC, DGE&T, SDI

Skilled India | The Catalyst of the ‘Make in India’

The planning commission estimates that only 20 % of the 12.8 million entering the workforce get some formal training and if the scenario continues to remain so, there would be a skilled manpower shortage of about 46 million by 2020. The skill development initiative can only come to our rescue in such a situation, which if channelized properly has the potential to produce a skilled manpower surplus of 47 million and prevent the highly productive hands from becoming destructive .

the Boon of Being Youngest Nation can tun to 'Bane' without Skill, Young India A boon or Bane, Skilling, Emploablity Skill

Without Skill | the ‘Boon’ of Being Youngest Nation can become ‘Bane’

While the government has several times taken the initiative to offer employment to the needful, such people are rendered professionally handicapped the moment the support is withdrawn.

The skill development initiative on the contrary would guarantee them a permanent asset in the form of manifold enriched employability.

Such a program particularly has got high prospects in India where the school drop out rate of the students is very high i.e 90-94% also including the ones who never went to school and where about 71% of the population is below 35 years of age.

NSDC, School Drop outs, India,

With Employable Skill | Even the school drop out will become Assets of the India

Realizing these aspects, the government of India , in the recent years, has laid a lot of impetus on streamlining the vocational training so that it fulfils the emerging need of the local and global market.

Transforming youth india Through Skills, Khichdi

Transforming youth India Through Skills

Even the PM Modi emphasized that , “It is a country of young people. The 65 percent population of the country happens to be under the age of 35 years. Our country has the largest number of youths in the world. Today, the world needs a skilled workforce. Today, India also needs a skilled workforce. At times. We have young people, they are unemployed but the kind of young people we seek for are not available. If we have to promote the development of our country then our mission has to be “skill development” and “skilled India”.

The power to become Locomotive engine of World Economy , India, world, Skill

The power to become Locomotive engine of World Economy

So, the call of the hour is to unveil the hidden talents such unemployed youth possess and nurture them by imparting skill based vocational training. It would ameliorate the Indian economy by:-

  • Preparing the youth for a vocation of their choice and reduce unemployment at the basal level.
  • Building up a formidable workforce of international quality which would
Transforming the “Scam India" to Skilled India", Khichdi,

Transforming the “Scam India” to Skilled India”

So let change the India’s image from “Scam India” to Skilled India.”

Guidelines of PMKVY Scheme ( Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana)

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